Run 1 Run after To chase(पीछा करना, पीछे भागना) Does he run after money?(क्या वो पैसे के पीछे भागता है ?) 2 Runaway/off To escape, flee(बच निकलना/भाग जाना) I ran away from there, the moment I saw him.(मैं वहाँ से भाग गया जैसे ही मैंने उसे देखा। ) 3 Rundown… Continue Reading Phrasal Verbs- run & Turn

 Get 1 Get in/Get on To board a vehicle(किसी वाहन में चढ़ना) I got on the bus.(मैं बस में चढ़ा।) 2 Get off / Get down To leave a vehicle(किसी वाहन से उतरना ) He was getting off the car.(वो कार से उतर रहा था।) 3 Get away with To… Continue Reading Phrasal Verbs- Get, Go & Put

Break 1 Break in / into Enter with the aim of theft.(चोरी के इरादे से घुसना या बिना इजाज़त घुसना) The thief broke in my house.(चोर मेरे घर में घुस गया।) 2 Break off To end a relationship(रिश्ता खत्म होना या करना) I broke off with her.(मेरा उसके साथ रिश्ता… Continue Reading Phrasal Verbs – Break , Come & Look

1 Take off To take the clothes off(कपड़े उतारना) Take off the dirty clothes and put on the clean ones.(गन्दे कपड़े उतार दो और साफ कपड़े पहन लो।) Airplane departure from airport(हवाई जहाज का एयरपोर्ट से निकलना) Plane took off exactly at 8.(जहाज ने ठीक 8 बजे उड़ान भरी।) 2… Continue Reading 21 Phrasal Verbs to Improve Your Spoken terms

How to Attempt Comprehensions?   “Comprehensions judge your capability and ability of understanding the passage, your power of analyzing the problem in proper perspective and your ability of presenting your answer quickly, correctly and systematically”. Comprehension ensures your ability to read and understand the written passage. Through the comprehension exercise… Continue Reading Tips to Attempt Reading Comprehension Passage

Usage of article ‘A’ THE PLACE OF USAGE THE USAGE OF ‘A’ A Consonant sound He is a student. Singular nouns He is a teacher Numbers I have a car. Type of noun is or to be She wants to become a doctor. Vowels with consonant sound It is a (not AN) useful thing. A noun… Continue Reading usage of ‘Articles’ (a,an,the)

6 tips to Improve English conversation practice Most topics have two sides to argue on. You can pick either of the side – favor or against 1. Pick the side you want to speak for Most topics have two sides to argue on. You can pick either of the side… Continue Reading 6 tips to Improve English conversation practice

1.    Is talent the most important thing for success?2.    If you are to start a business, what would that be?3.    Should guns be banned?4.    Are scientist researching things that really matter?5.    Is universal health insurance the best solution?6.    Is reality TV really real?7.  … Continue Reading Advanced Level topics for English Speaking Practice

1.    Are you a spender or a saver?2.    What inspires you as a person?3.    Do you believe in astrology?4.    Do you believe in love at first sight?5.    Do you believe in life after death?6.    Tell us about a signature dish you cook?7.    Are… Continue Reading Intermediate Level topics for Spoken English Practice

1.    What did you do this week?2.    What do you plan for this weekend?3.    Tell me about your family4.    Describe your job5.    Tell us about your hobbies6.    Tell us about your pets7.    What kind of music do you like?8.    What kind of movies do you like?9.  … Continue Reading 20 Beginner Level topics for English Speaking Practice